CATIM, technology support center to the metal industry is a private nonprofit institution, that resulted from the association of interests, of industrial enterprises and their associations with public organizations. Its mission is to contribute to innovation and competitiveness of national industries of metalworking and related or complementary sectors.
Ferespe started its activity in 1981, with the aim of producing high alloyed cast iron, filling this way a niche market missing in Portugal. But that was simply not good enough for the young and dynamic management of this 78 employee company. Ferespe also began to produce steels of High, Medium and Low Alloys. With this decision, Ferespe stands out as a foundry of super-duplex stainless steels and super-austenitic, for more than a decade.
The company FPQ was created in 1981, always within the same industry, manufacturing rubber and plastic profiles for several sectors of activity namely for construction. Our strategy is based on a premise of modernization of equipments in order to improve our produtivity and quality of our products sarisfying the growing demands of our costumers.
The company Vednor, is a manufacturing company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of printed and milled panels. It is a company that has always excelled for the quality of its products, by providing the frames of industry, their panels.
Born in order to fill the gap between the indiscriminate supply of services, cosmetic treatments and health-care, the Sensuais & Sofisticadas, focuses on one fundamental point: your health! Through a qualified, experienced and innovative team, we care in, through strengthening and maintaining good physical shape, provide you a good "GESTALT”, that is, the perfect shape of the boundaries and the whole in itself.
LeaderConnect seeks to present itself the market with a modern and solid image, transmitting confidence to your customers and staff. Investing on the difference, LeaderConnect customize services through a narrow and communicative relationship with you, either in diagnosis or in the search for appropriate solutions, seeking to maintain high professional standards in the range of services provided by the collaborators.
With the goal of serving technique and professionalism, we are situated in Porto, more specifically in Lavra.Aquecinstal, founded in September 1999, has gained credibility by performing trustworthiness, honesty and quality, the most varied work related to the installation of Gas Networks, Central Heating, Solar Energy, Air Conditioning and home Ventilation.
MJLucena - Gestão e Formação is a consultancy company of organization management and technology areas, devoted to industrial PME's industriais or the provision of services and that carries on business developing projects as measure of culture and company size.
Stomachion is a company that provides clinical services and, specially, in the area of clinical encoding,as well as transmitting opinions in the medical examination area.
Weldndt, formed in 2011, offers continuation and consistency to the sectoral activity previously deposited in A. Jorge Lima Lda, with regard to marketing of products and equipments related with tecnology essays, especially Nondestructives and Destructive essays.
The Village of Lavra provides visitors with multiple readings of their history, from ancient times to our days. It is this huge and rich record that we give to know.
Set in the heart of Vale do Ave, Tintrofa - Tinturaria da Trofa, S.A. developed its business for a quarter century, being dedicated to the providing services of tincture, printing and finishing of knits and tissues.